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Furniture Specialist..... Antiques....Vintage..... Modern & Great Junk!

Grandma bought it, mom threw it out and I bought it back!
Hello, my name is Eliana and I love my job!
My passion is painting and my life are my husband of 25 years, my 3 grown children and my 3 fur babies.
Did I mention I love painting furniture? 
Well, yes, I do and here is my story...
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How I got started, my story and goal:

Because I move and restage my house about, mmm, yeah, probably MONTHLY! and my husband finally told me I had to quit changing out the furniture so I started painting what I owned because change is good! paint is good!  
I like having one piece of furniture in my house that doesn't really match anything else, that was my mustard buffet, that started it all!
Soon after, I was doing furniture for my family and friends, and today, I am proud to say that most of my friends have at least one piece I have redesign for them.  Makes the heart feel really good :-)

Not long after and while I still had a full time job for a major bank in the US, I was presented with the opportunity to have my first retail shop in Canton, TX at the First Monday Trade Days grounds,  it was a fast and awesome enviroment but we live about 80 miles from it and going back and forth every weekend or during the week for one reason or another became pretty old, pretty quick!; so we decided to end that adventure and find something more local, that's how I found Shop the Barn in Denton, TX.  I was there for over a year and loved it!  The owners are awesome people and they gave me a referral at Frisco Mercantile which is the closest of all malls to home. 
After submitting my application and showing my work to the management I was accepted as a vendor and I leased a 10'x10' suite there, #212, I'll never forget, I was so excited that I cried!
A few months went by and I realized my space was too small and  I moved to a more central suite, #406, but it was still too small for my thriving business, so I kept asking for more space, till I got to where I am now in suite 909, it's about  700 sq, feet of space and I love it, it feels like I have my own little store all the way in the back of the store down isle 5!   It has gray walls and pallets hanging from them and there I am able to have all the great junk I can find, it's fabulous!  The best thing, as many Mercantile clients tell me, is that I not only have some of the best junk in the store, but I have "the real stuff", no imitations, all vintage or antiques and of course, my painted furniture!
In the summer of 2015, my full time job was cut short and so was my corpotate career life when I was laid off.  I took it like a champ and told myself this was the extra push I needed to make my dreams a reality and become a full time entrepenour and here I am!
While primarily my business is painting furniture I have
also completed many projects painting cabinetry including Kitchens, baths, built-ins and libraries, and I now have all the time in the world to work on it all,  So give me a call and let's discuss refreshing your cabinetry too!

I have to give credit to Mr. Why Not for being my "Joseph" and helping me with project repairs and most of the sanding!   Yes, while I use high quality products and mostly chalk paint (which does not need much prep) I sand most pieces so they are durable and remain pretty for many years to come!

I do feel an obligation to remind you I am not a magician (hehe); keep in mind that often we work on antique or vintage pieces that require some work and have some imperfections that I may be unable to fix, however, my promise is that I will always do my best to make every piece as good as it can be and my goal is to make your furniture beautiful and help you fall in love with it again.

  1. My Motto:
    My Motto:
    If your treasure is not good enough to be in MY house, it will NEVER be ready to go to YOURS!
  2. In business since...
    In business since...
    Why Not Redesign? was established in 2012. We have one retail location and finish our custom pieces from our workshop at home.
  3. Favorite Paints
    Favorite Paints
    My favorite chalk style is Heirloom Traditions My favorite acrylic is General Finishes My favorite mineral paint is Fusion My favorite stains and top coat are from Cece Caldwell's paints
  4. Certifications
    I have been vetted and certified by both Home Advisor and Thumbtack and I am one of their Pros!